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Our Single Origin from Honduras brings a sweet fruity taste to our line of coffees. We decided on a light / medium roast which helps bring out it's most characteristic notes: Orange, Cherry and Brown Sugar.

While it really delivers in drip coffee or pour overs, it also makes an excellent espresso with lots of sweetness and a very mild but interesting acidity.

We package this Organically Produced & Fair Trade coffee in Biotre bags, which are partly compostable, in our effort to become a more sustainable company.

Enjoy this wonderful coffee!


100 % Arabica Beans.

Organically Produced

This means the beans are grown and harvested organically. They reach our roasting facility completely sealed.

However, we do share some equipment with non organic coffee beans like the roaster or storing containers.


We currently ship to all the U.S. We know no one likes to wait for coffee, so we make sure to ship it ASAP.

Expected delivery is between 3 & 4 working days.

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