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FTP+ Blend 12oz

FTP+ Blend 12oz

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Our FTP+ Blend thoughtfully combines beans from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala & Sumatra, to deliver a strong, full bodied and balanced cup of coffee. You will sense smooth notes of chocolate, brown sugar and toasted nuts.

Our coffee is roasted and ground (when ordered) in small batches on demand. This way we assure you will always open a fresh bag with Velo Brü.


100 % Arabica Beans.

How to use

Whole beans: To grind at home, right before brewing, will deliver the best aromas, flavour & crema. You will need a grinder of course.

Coarse grind: Should be your choice if you are brewing with a french press or using a filter. The result will be balanced avoiding an overextraction.

Fine grind: Is the choice for any type of espresso machine or for a moka pot. The smaller size allows lower contact times with water while delivering a good extraction.


We currently ship to all the U.S. We know no one likes to wait for coffee, so we make sure to ship it ASAP.

Expected delivery is between 3 & 4 working days.

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